BBC World Asia Business Report: Hong Kong's Donut Market

Donuts are widely popular amongst many Asian countries, but none has won the heart of Hong Kong’s people. The U.S. donut brand Krispy Kreme has tried to enter the Hong Kong market but failed. Now, a widely popular Indonesian donut brand might just have the winning formula for Hong Kong. As reported by BBC Hong Kong Reporter Zhang Yinghua (Helier Cheung).

Channel NewsAsia: Re-invent Yourself

J.Co – best known for its donuts - leads bigger players in the market because of an inspired marketing strategy. This Asian company thrive through constant efforts in innovation.

Investing in Indonesia's Sweet Tooth

J.CO is one of Indonesia's most popular franchises. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout looks at how one entrepreneur is bringing donuts to corners of the archipelago.

New Phone Number of J.CO Delivery Call Center is 1-500-377

We no longer use 7996060 as our delivery service phone number. This phone number has been changed to 1-500-377 and can be contacted from every cities in Indonesia.